The word finder and anagram solver began in 1996 when the hard disk drive on my Amiga 2000 failed, and I didn't have the money to replace it (SCSI drives were not cheap). The drive contained the software I used for composing crossword puzzles.

I had just started my first web site, and the host gave shell access. I uploaded my word lists to the shell account and wrote a couple of Unix shell scripts to replace my Amiga software.

After I learned about CGI programming for the Web, I wrote an HTML front end for the scripts, and the WordFinder was born.

New location

A few years later, I signed up for a free shell account, which included web space, at and moved my web site there.

The WordFinder was rewritten and redesigned two or three times on that site.

Newest location

Now, I am rewriting and redesigning it again, this time on my new site here at