Chris F.A. Johnson


Though it has been more than 25 years since I last had a full-time job, I was never without some work.

I have had various contract positions, none of them full time and sometimes more than one at a time. I have done freelance work in a variety of fields: composing crossword puzzles, computer programming, web design, Unix system administration, and teaching chess. They are my hobbies, but I pursued them with an eye to earning money.

No longer!

Last month (Feb. 2016) I completed my last crossword puzzle, and I am now retired.

Two things have made this possible: government pensions and Toronto Community Housing. I have been receiving CPP (Canada Pension Plan) for a few years and OAS (Old Age Security) for about 18 months. In February, I moved into a seniors' apartment building where my rent is a percentage of my income. For a self-contained bachelor apartment, I am now paying less than half what I was previously paying for a room in a house with shared bathroom and kitchen.

* * *

I may be retired, but I will not be idle. Far from it. I will still be doing the things I have been doing up to now (the one exception being composing crossword puzzles), but I will be doing them for my own pleasure, without regard to making money from them.

That being said, I do still hope to generate some revenue from them. The difference is that it will (if there is any) all be passive revenue. I will not go seeking work or selling my services.

These are some of the ways I hope to raise a few dollars:

* * *

A new website

To reflect the new phase of my life, I am redesigning my website. My old site served me well for its time, but its time is past. This new site will be calmer, and I hope to write a lot more than I have in the past.

The skeleton is now on-line, here. I will be putting flesh on its bones as time goes on.

Posted 2016-03-16